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A legacy of Carol Cutter

An early member of the Indianapolis Association of Health Underwriters, Carol Cutter quickly rose through the ranks as Association President for the Indianapolis chapter and later President of the Indiana State Association of Health Underwriters from July 1, 1966 – June 30, 1997. Even after her time as ISAUH President, she continued working and established ISAHU-PAC in May 2004.

Carol Cutter

Carol Cutter

With a promising career continuing to unfold, the election of Governor Mitch Daniels in 2004 and a series of timely events aligned to move her into the position of Commissioner of the Indiana Department of Insurance.

“For years she was our liaison to the Indiana Department of Insurance,” says David Berman, a long-time legislative advocate and friend of Cutter’s. “When the then-interim Commissioner Jim Atterholt called me one day I asked him what he needed. He replied, ‘A staff.’,” said Berman. He added, “And I know just the person.”

Berman quickly scheduled a meeting between the Atterholt and Cutter. “Carol thought I was going to introduce them so she could fulfill her role as ISAUH’s DOI Liaison. Little did she know she was going to be interviewed. After the pleasantries were exchanged she was asked for her resume,” said Berman. “I still remember her looking at me and asking why she’d need a resume,” he added. Berman recalls Atterholt proclaiming to her, “Because I’m going to hire you!”

Cutter was offered a job as Deputy Commissioner of the DOI in March 2005. Not long thereafter Atterholt was appointed to a different role as head of the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission. Cutter was named Commissioner of the DOI by Daniels in June 2009.

Less than a year later Cutter became ill. During a diagnostic procedure, a scope unknowingly punctured her esophagus. “She became violently ill,” recalls Berman, adding, “She was in the hospital for at least six months and ultimately passed away.”

Her career and life were tragically cut short on September 6, 2010. Cutter was the primary force behind establishing ISAHU-PAC in her early tenure with ISAHU.

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