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About a month ago from ISAHU's Twitter via CoSchedule

3 Reasons Why ISAHU’s Membership Will Grow This Year

Bill Robinson, Membership Chair

July 1st marks a new ISAHU year and I am excited about the challenge of increasing our membership numbers substantially over the next twelve months!

Your new ISAHU Board of Directors is planning a number of things to enhance the value of being a member this year and there couldn’t be a more important time than this to be involved in this great association!

There are a number of reasons that I am optimistic about our membership numbers increasing in a BIG way over the next year:

1. We have a great group of Local Chapter Membership Chairs and I believe they will do an awesome job of motivating their members to become recruiters! Please understand that being the membership chair DOES NOT mean that person is solely responsible for recruiting all new members; actually they are simply supposed to lead the charge. We are ALL on the membership team!

2. I am assembling a team of company reps, brokers and others who are “road warriors” and are in front of agents on a daily basis. They will be an extension of our actual Membership Team and will be promoting membership as they make their calls. I was a company rep myself for a long time and know from experience that the opportunity always exists for that conversation to take place, and I hope it does!

3. Our organization (NAHU) has hired a firm to assist with recruiting and retention on a national basis. This will not change anything as for as our efforts; it is simply another avenue to pursue in the big picture. I am hopeful that it will pay great dividends for us in Indiana!

With enormous changes continuing to take place in the Health Insurance Industry, being a member of our association just makes tremendous sense! You all know a number of your peers who aren’t members, but should be. Why not give them a call and invite them to your local chapter’s next meeting as your guest?

Explain to them what a bargain our dues are – do you realize that it is only $1.10 per day? That’s less than a cup of coffee from most places!

I’ve made this offer before, but want to extend it again. If you have someone that you are trying to recruit, please feel free to call me if you need assistance. Or, if you would like for me to call your prospect on your behalf, I would be happy to do so.

My number is 317-695-5683 and my email address is: roadguy1950@hotmail.com. I hope you’ll take me up on this offer – many times over! Good luck recruiting!

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