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A Trip to the Zoo: NAHU Annual Conference 2015

By Linda Parish, NEIAHU Membership Retention Chair

Linda-ParishFirst, Bill Robinson got me in a choke-hold via a 500-word text request, then Cindy Trahin stuffed a pen in my hand demanding I start writing about the New Orleans experience. Neither left any room for procrastination by throwing in a deadline not unlike that of a for-real newspaper reporter. So, very UN-like a professional reporter here begins my humble impressions of my very first Annual NAHU Conference.

It’s weird, foreign and perhaps, akin to living in a zoo where all the animals (Medicare, group, individual, company reps) are corralled in abnormally close proximity, yet not so close that territorial wars develop. My peers and competitors were everywhere in one, excuse the word-combo, “ginormous” (gigantic + enormous) hotel, yet not a single eruption of ego or possessiveness of knowledge occurred. Quite the opposite in fact as we grew in friendship and experience shared.

The Indiana attendees drew together as a pack or “herd of nerd” insurance professionals to devour the music and food (can there ever be too much bread pudding) of our temporary surroundings. Together we survived the Uber accident and conquered the fun meter on Bourbon Street all while leaving time to fit in our respective general and break-out sessions throughout the week.

A subset of us arrived ahead of the main attraction “herd” to participate in the LPRT event. Thankfully, I waited (in other words didn’t do my homework) until after the personality dissection speaker to complete my questionnaire. Sharing my personal results would have disrupted versus instructed the class, so it was gracious of me not to share that mess to such a large audience.

That’s so me, always putting others first. Glad to do it.

Anyway, the DISC profiling should show a result in the months to come and I’m certain you will grow to honor and praise the new me. Just try to keep up……but if you ask Cindy about all of this, please be brief. This is not a request, this is an order. In all seriousness, I intend to make some changes based on insightful feedback about how others may be viewing my language, my humor, my body language, etc. Good stuff to be aware of and to apply in my presentations of self and insurance to clients. In the end, this bonus activity would not have been mine if I hadn’t taken the time to apply for the LPRT designation. Take the time to pat yourself on the back with your very own LPRT designation. You’re worth it!

As membership retention chair, I attended the membership breakout and learned that our association is serious about growing. So serious, in fact, that they hired a marketing firm, not an inexpensive proposition by any measure. As this is a 2-year national and contracted and paid-for campaign, they will do their work separate from our local chapter work. Both efforts are equally important. Bottom-line, we have to keep on keeping on with our own campaigns.

We can view some of their promotional materials at nahu.org and we should know that some of our own efforts will cross over into theirs and vice verse, but we are to keep in mind that what they are doing is separate for tracking purposes from what we will be continuing to do on a local level. There is not going to be a sharing of contact data on the paid firm’s prospect list(s). The Society of HR Managers used this same firm with impressive success and we could soon enjoy similar results.

And finally, the Medicare professionals amongst us are past due for attention from our organization and in the year of our 50th anniversary of birth (Medicare was born in 1965), we’ve got it. In another break-out session, I met several NAHU members who are directly involved in the development of a soon-to-be released Medicare certification opportunity.

In closing, the zoo was fun but it’s always good to get home to my own cage right here in Fort Wayne. Feeling grateful for all the organizers who worked so diligently to put on a wonderful event and blessed to share it with such great people who I met there and with you who are reading my reluctant reporting.

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