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About a month ago from ISAHU's Twitter via CoSchedule

August 2020 Legislative Committee Report

August 2020 Leg Update – ISAHU

Now more than ever, it is important to speak in one voice as we begin to meet with legislators during recess.  ISAHU is encouraging all board members to contribute to the state PAC and HUPAC at some level.  Every little bit helps.

Recess Meetings:

  • Fundraisers – please let Roger Skinner
  • Several Meetings since July Leg Update– see separate meeting notes that were distributed
    • Lehman
    • Bassler
    • Carbaugh
    • Legislative Continuity Committee
  • In-District meetings
    • Andre Carson – waiting for date/time from Megan (Susan spoke to the Congressman directly
    • Susan Brooks – TBD
    • Greg Pence – Larry Mayfield working on date for zoom meeting
    • Jim Banks – completed
    • Larry Buschon – Tom Gant working on date for zoom meeting
    • Jackie Walorski – Pat Griffey working on date for zoom meeting
    • Jim Baird – TBD

Torchbearer Lobbying Firm:

  • Check presented to Victoria Spartz from NAHU HUPAC late July
  • Jim Banks has received maximum allocation from NAHU HUPAC, we are trying to get more funds due to recent assistance on the legislative front.
  • Susan and David meet weekly to discuss any legislative items on the horizon and to address member concerns.
  • ISAHU is a non-partisan organization and the legislative committee will work alongside Torchbearer as it relates to local, state and national meetings with legislators and other key stakeholders.

ISAHU Leg. Committee Members:

  • State & Local Presidents
  • State & Local Legislative Chairs
  • Members at Large
  • know if you have a fundraiser in your district, that we should consider contributing to.

Bills to Watch:

SEA 5 (Transparency)

Health provider contracts. Requires hospitals, ambulatory outpatient surgical centers, and urgent care facilities to post certain information on their Internet web sites about health care services they provide, including the weighted average negotiated charges for the services. Provides that an insurer that issues a group health insurance policy or a health maintenance organization that enters into a group health maintenance organization contract shall disclose to the policyholder or subscriber: (1) the amount of the commission, service fee, or brokerage fee to be paid to an insurance producer for selling, soliciting, or negotiating the policy or contract; and (2) whether the commission or fee is based on a percentage of total plan premiums or a flat per member fee. Requires that this information be disclosed at the outset and upon renewal of the policy or contract. Prohibits the inclusion in a health provider contract of a provision under which a provider (an individual or entity licensed or authorized to provide health care services) would be prohibited from disclosing health care service claims data to an employer providing the coverage. States that the inclusion of such a provision in a health care provider contract is an unfair or deceptive act or practice in the business of insurance. Requires the department of insurance to submit a request for information and a request for proposals concerning the establishment and operation of an all payer claims data base, which will receive and contain information on claims paid by insurers, health maintenance organizations, pharmacy benefit managers, and other payers. Provides that a fully credentialed provider shall be reimbursed by an insurer or health maintenance organization for eligible services provided at an in-network hospital if certain conditions are met.

SEA 184 (Farm Bureau Bill)

Nonprofit agricultural organization coverage. Authorizes a nonprofit agricultural organization to provide health benefit coverage that is: (1) sponsored by the nonprofit agricultural organization or its affiliate; (2) offered only to members of the nonprofit agricultural organization and their families; (3) deemed by the nonprofit agricultural organization to be important in assisting its members to live long and productive lives; and (4) offered in every county in Indiana. Provides that nonprofit agricultural organization coverage is not insurance and is not subject to the regulatory authority of the department of insurance, and that a nonprofit agricultural organization providing health coverage is not engaged in the business of insurance and is not required to obtain a certificate of authority. Provides that an individual may not apply for health coverage provided by a nonprofit agricultural organization until the individual has been a member of the nonprofit agricultural organization for at least 30 days. Mandates that the health coverage cover ambulatory patient services, hospitalization, emergency services, and laboratory services, and provides that the coverage may not be subject to an annual limit of less than $2,000,000 per year. Requires a nonprofit agricultural organization offering health coverage: (1) to annually file with the department of insurance a written, signed opinion of a qualified actuary that the plan reserves of the nonprofit agricultural organization and its affiliate are adequate and conform to the appropriate actuarial standards of practice; and (2) to reinsure all or a portion of its risks. Provides that an individual entering into a health coverage contract with a nonprofit agricultural organization must acknowledge in a signed writing that the coverage: (1) is not considered insurance; and (2) is not subject to the administrative rules of the department of insurance

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Indiana State Association of Health Underwriters