ISAHU-PAC Board Member David Berman, State Representative Peggy Mayfield, and ISAHU-PAC Treasurer Dwight “D” Hall at the Insurance Industry House & Senate Insurance Committee Dinner on Feb 11, 2019, in Downtown Indianapolis.

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Get help with specific health reform questions

Don Griffey

Don Griffey

As we enter into the 4thquarter and what is going to be a wild ride for NAHU members and their clients, now more than ever the Compliance Corner member benefit that comes with your NAHU membership is one of the most valuable elements of your membership.

With lingering questions on Short Term Medical plans, Association Health Plans and the elimination of the Individual Mandate Fine, it is our job to analyze these issues and the risks that might adversely affect our client’s objectives.

Compliance with federal statutes and regulations in the areas of insurance, labor, and taxes is a daunting task for many of our clients. With the NAHU Compliance Corner, you have a one-stop place to find the majority of federal statutes that affect our clients.

Webinars on various specific issues occur monthly and these webinars are recorded and archived for future reference.

If you need an answer to a specific health reform question, you may submit it to Compliance Corner and receive a personalized answer back generally within 24 hours.

You may access compliance Corner using the following link:

Go Forth and Conquer!


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