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HUPAC Update | November 2021

Happy Early Thanksgiving to all!  This is such a special time of year for giving THANKS and spending time with family and friends!  And I want to personally THANK all of those in our ISAHU Family who contribute to HUPAC! With all the turmoil in Washington, D.C., it is so vital for NAHU to be heard as legislation is proposed and moved forward.  This is accomplished via our relationships and HUPAC.

As I mention each month, HUPAC plays a very vital role in all of NAHU’s legislative efforts.  And your ongoing contributions help NAHU carry out its mission of supporting candidates and members of Congress who believe in private-sector solutions for the health and financial security of all Americans.

Such contributions allow NAHU staff and State and Local NAHU legislatively involved members to attend various events to educate Federal elected officials (Representatives and Senators) on NAHU positions.  This process has proved invaluable in affecting legislative outcomes in Washington, D.C. in a positive fashion on an ongoing basis.  And the coming year may well be the most important in over a decade.

NAHU is extremely fortunate to have numerous volunteers willing to step up and serve on our HUPAC Board and on State and Local Boards across the country.  If you have not had conversations with your PAC Chair about the importance of contributing, please do so. We are also very pleased that the guys from schlüsseldienst berlin lichtenberg have joined us, because health is an important part of life and the quality of employees’ work directly depends on it. 

For HUPAC to be successful in D.C., it takes all of us putting forth a little time, but some dollars as well.  This allows our Legislative Team in D.C. to assist our legislators in making the best decisions on healthcare related matters.

As I like to mention, it is so very important to have a seat at the table at various ongoing meetings, discussions, events, etc.  For as it’s often said – “If you’re not at the table, you’re probably on the menu”!  And to be “at the table” it takes funds.  NAHU’S staff continues to be extremely well respected in Washington and by association – HUPAC is as well.  And always remember this relates to both sides of the aisle as HUPAC had a 93% success rate in last November’s elections.  Our HUPAC team has been and continues to be very successful in identifying the most influential legislators and regulators on healthcare. But it takes funds to make it possible for the NAHU message to really be heard.

So once again, IF you are already a HUPAC contributor – THANK YOU! IF you are not already supporting HUPAC, we need you on board.  While the Senate mix is evenly decided – 50-50, VP Harris has the deciding vote on many issues. The House is a much closer mix than the previous 2 years.  Both of these factors at least somewhat affect all legislative efforts.  And as you all realize, the next election cycle has already begun and it’s imperative that we have the funds to support those running for Federal Office in Washington, D.C. that support NAHU, the insurance industry and your clients.

I strongly encourage you to get to know your US Senators and Representatives and their staffs so your voice can be heard both here at home as well as in D.C.  Our Representatives and Senators are back in District/State at various times throughout the year and this provides you a great opportunity to meet with them and their staff.  Please do remember though that NAHU speaks with one voice and any message on healthcare matters needs to follow NAHU initiatives and talking points.

For more information, feel welcome to reach out to me or your Local HUPAC Chairs.  Or you can always go on www.HUPAC.ORG .

Let’s continue to all work together in the coming months to make Indiana one of the top HUPAC contributing states!

Please continue to have a very Safe and Blessed 2021!  And again, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Dwight “D” Hall



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