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About a month ago from ISAHU's Twitter via CoSchedule

Interesting developments with HUPAC

By Denny Wright, HUPAC Chair

We have had some interesting developments with HUPAC recently. The biggest being that NAHU decided to take the administration of HUPAC in-house and terminate their relationship with Stakeholder, the organization that has been administering HUPAC since 2009.

Anthony Perez on the NAHU staff in Washington DC is now the Manager of HUPAC and has been working on this transition since December. Unfortunately, they have not released much more information to state and local chapter HUPAC chairs except that the transition is progressing and they expect to be fully operational this month so none of our contributions will be impacted.

They have also published a new contribution form containing a revised address and contact info which is included in this newsletter.

We would like to thank all 76 ISAHU members that contributed to HUPAC in 2014:

Capitol Club: David Berman, Pat Griffey, Denny Wright

Congressional Club: Cheryl Farmer, Mike Reddy, Matt Hatfield, Susan Rider, Rodney Stuart

365 Club: Mindy Anderson-Wallis, Nicole Fairbairn, Don Griffey, Dwight Hall, Rita Musser, Mike Ripley, Bill Robinson, Roger Skinner, Dennis Woehler

Contributors: Lisa Andreae, Sabine Barrett, Chris Barthel, Jane Baxter, Andrea Bogard, Kevin Brewer, Tom Brown, James Chesterfield, Anne Conley, Scott Davis, Susan Denzio, Jack Fagen, Valarie Fagen, Anthony Flittner, Roger Garrett, Sylvia Gordon, Linda Heckman, Linda Hicks, Noel Hinman, Robert Hoffman, Jody Kinsey, Brian Liechty, Rhonda Lloyd, Sam Mace, Charles Mayberry, Larry Mayfield, Teresa Milbank, Jennifer Mitchen, Anthony Nyers, Dan O’Brian, Linda Parish, Craig Phillips, Ruste Pontenberg, Bridget Redmon, Robert Reese, Jennifer Revell, Christopher Rowland, Dianne Shaffner, Carri Sheets, David Skinner, Doug Skinner, James Smith, Ryan Stoneburner, Anita Strauss, Nancy Swank, Cheryl Terry, Steven Theising, Cindy Trahin, Steven Van Scoik, Ky Yarling


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Indiana State Association of Health Underwriters