Good news from The Energy & Commerce Committee: HR2564, “Medicare Enrollment Protection Act”, passes. This creates a special Medicare enrollment period while in COBRA. And exempts individuals from certain monthly increases associated with delaying Medicare coverage.

About 2 weeks ago from ISAHU's Twitter via CoSchedule

ISAHU-PAC Contributions in 2020

The ISAHU–PAC has decided to contribute to members of the Senate Insurance & Financial Institutions Committees & the House Insurance Committees. We have also decided to contribute to the President Pro Tempore of the Senate, Senator Rod Bray and the Speaker of the House, Representative Todd Huston. Lastly, we have decided to contribute to the Senate Majority Campaign Committee and the House Republican Campaign Committee.

These are members of the Indiana General Assembly that have supported issues that ISAHU has supported (health insurance related). We have every reason to assume these Members will continue to support these issues during the upcoming legislative session.

Below is the ISAHU-PAC approved contribution budget: 

House Republican Campaign CommitteeRepublican$1000 
Senate Majority Campaign CommitteeRepublican$1000 
Rep. Martin CarbaughRepublican$500Chairman, House Insurance Committee
Rep. Bruce BordersRepublican$250House Insurance Committee
Rep. Bob HeatonRepublican$250House Insurance Committee
Rep. Todd HustonRepublican$250Speaker of the House
Rep. Cindy KirchofferRepublican$250Chair, House Public Health Committee, House Insurance Committee
Rep. Matt LehmanRepublican$500House Insurance Committee
Rep. Peggy MayfieldRepublican$250House Insurance Committee
Rep. Donna SchaibleyRepublican$500House Insurance Committee
Sen. Eric BasslerRepublican$500Chair, Senate Insurance Committee
Sen. Rod BrayRepublican$250President Pro Tempore
Sen. JD FordDemocrat$250Senate Insurance Committee
Sen. Jack SandlinRepublican$250Senate Insurance Committee
Sen. Andy ZayRepublican$250Senate Insurance Committee
Sen. John RuckelshausRepublican$500Senate Insurance Committee

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