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By David Berman

The Elections are over and the in the State Senate the Republicans hold 40 Seats out of 50 Seats & in the State House of Representatives, the Republicans hold 71 Seats out of 100 Seats. ISAHU continues to be in a Great Position to protect Agents & Brokers & our Industry due to our relationships with the President Pro Tempore in the Senate, David Long &  with the Speaker of the House Brian Bosma. We also are very close to the Insurance Committees in both the Senate & the House as well as most of the Committee Members. Several of the Committee Members are actually Agents & Brokers.

We don’t anticipate any Legislation that will negatively impact Agents & Brokers or, our Industry. Currently, there are only 6 Bills that have been filed, 2 in the House & 4 in the Senate:

HB1043 – Medical Malpractice Caps, filed by Rep. Jerry Torr (R). Increases the Medical Malpractice Cap from $1,250,000 to $1,650,000 for claims arising after June 30, 2015. Increases the maximum amount of liability for a healthcare provider or a healthcare provider’s insurer from $250,000 to $300,000.

HB1063 – Dental & Optometry Service Coverage, filed by Rep. Ron Bacon (R). Prohibits Dental & Vision Insurers & HMOs from requiring dentists & optometrists to accept certain payments unless the healthcare services are covered services. Prohibits dentist & optometrists from charging for non-covered services an amount that exceeds the usual & customary charges for the services.

SB26 – Coverage of Prescription Eye Drops, filed by Senator Pat Miller (R). Requires that certain state employee health plans, policies of accident & sickness insurance & HMOs contracts must cover refills & additional units of Rx eye drops specified conditions. (the introduced version of this bill was prepared by the interim committee on public health, behavioral health & human services).

SB47 – Healthcare Professional Cultural Training, filed by Senator Jean Breaux (D). Requires an individual seeking licensure in a healthcare  profession to complete cultural competency training.

SB227 – Removal of Exemptions from “DO NOT CALL” Law, filed by Senator Michael Delph (R). Removes existing exemptions from the statute governing telephone solicitations of consumers (Indiana’s “DO NOT CALL list) for calls made by the following:

  1. Tax Exempt Charitable Organizations
  2. Licensed Real Estate Brokers
  3. Licensed Insurance Producers & Surplus Lines Producers
  4. Newspapers

SB328 – Medicare Supplement for State Employees, filed by Senator Jean Leising (R). Requires the State Department of Personnel to make available to certain State Employees a Group Medicare Supplement Insurance Policy. Requires the State of Indiana to pay a % of the Group Medicare Supplement Policy premium equal to the average % paid for self-insured health coverage for active employees.

We are very well represented @ the State House by Bose Public Affairs Group as our PAID LOBBYIST! If there are any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact me, david.berman@neacelukens.com, or (317) 590-7887.

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