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About a month ago from ISAHU's Twitter via CoSchedule

ISAHU September Legislative Update

ISAHU and ISAHU-PAC have created a budget for contributions to state legislators and candidates running for election or re-election.


The group decided that they would contribute and support some candidates that are members of the Senate Insurance and Financial Institutions Committee and the House Insurance Committee, leadership, and the Republican House and Senate caucuses:


Senator Eric Bassler, Chairman – $500

Senator JD Ford – $250

Senator Jack Sandlin – $250

Senator Andy Zay, Vice Chairman – $250

Senator John Ruckelshaus – $500

Senator Rod Bray, President Pro Tempore, – $250

Senate Majority Campaign Committee (SMCC) – $1,000

Representative Martin Carbaugh, Chairman – $500

Representative Bruce Borders, Vice Chairman – $250

Representative Bob Heaton – $250

Representative Cindy Kirchoffer, Chairwoman House Public Health Committee – $250

Representative Matt Lehman – $500

Representative Peggy Mayfield – $250

Representative Donna Schaibley – $500

Representative Jerry Torr – $300

Representative Todd Huston, Speaker of the House – $250

House Republican Campaign Committee (HRCC) – $1,000


On behalf of ISAHU, Torchbearer Public Affairs, LLC has met with the following of these legislators virtually and has attended several fundraising events for these legislators:


SMCC – $1,000

HRCC – $1,000

Representative Schaibley – $500

Senator Ruckelshaus – $500

Representative Mayfield – $250

Representative Borders – $250

Representative Carbaugh – $500

Senator Bray – $250

Representative Lehman – $500

Representative Torr – $300


We plan to send checks to those we have not yet contributed to within the next several days. We have created a strategy to virtually meet these committee members prior to the election and the upcoming legislative session and contribute to their campaigns working PROACTIVELY rather than REACTIVELY. We are sure that our strategy will be successful for ISAHU and ISAHU – PAC.


Torchbearer Public Affairs, LLC and ISAHU & ISAHU – PAC appreciate your support. As always, we are happy to answer any questions or address any concerns.


David A. Berman, CLU


Torchbearer Public Affairs, LLC


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