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About a month ago from ISAHU's Twitter via CoSchedule

Look! A Squirrel!!

As I sit here writing this article, with one hour left until it’s due (technically, it’s already past due, but I asked for an extension…Presidential rights and all!), my mind is racing.  See, that was a crazy, long run-on sentence.  As we blaze into Q4, with 8 days until THE election, prepare for the holidays, manage our new normal, my mind is constantly racing.  Instead of attempting to string together a coherent article, I thought I would just pass along some completely random information that I think you might find helpful!

Have you checked out the latest data, provided in the Rand 3.0, Employer Hospital Price Transparency Project?

Did you vote yet?  Check out this cool website, showing live wait times at Marion County voting locations!

To ensure you’re getting the most from your membership, I encourage you to check out important NAHU website resources. Some of these offerings have been a real game changer for me in terms of staying on top of this ever-changing industry.

Great read on how COVID stress might be impacting your physical health.

And last, but not least…. CUTE PICTURES OF BABY SQUIRRELS!


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Indiana State Association of Health Underwriters

Indiana State Association of Health Underwriters