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About a month ago from ISAHU's Twitter via CoSchedule

Medicare Summit Smashes Attendance Record

During the ISAHU Strategic Planning meeting in June of 2018 I relayed the belief that ISAHU is a professional organization and we need to act that way. I defined acting that way as, all that we say and all that we do in the name of NAHU and ISAHU be well thought out, planned and executed at the highest level of professionalism we could attain. That belief and objective was on display at the ISAHU Medicare Summit on May 8th.

Some of the highlights of the event include but not limited to:

  1. The largest number of attendees at an ISAHU event in history (257)
  2. The largest number of sponsors ever at an ISAHU event (34)
  3. The largest number of non-members attending an ISAHU event in history (150)
  4. 3 new contributors to ISAHU-PAC
  5. 3 new membership applications completed the day of the event and many more outstanding applications in process.

A recently released survey of attendees showed an overwhelmingly positive view of the event by members and non-members

No individual in and of him or herself could pull off a successful event alone. Although there are many that helped execute this event there are 5 people that went beyond the call of duty and without their efforts this event could have never happened. I would like to thank Lisa Frazzeta – Manning, Cindy Trahin, Pam Evans, Rita Musser and Nicole Fairbairn for their outstanding efforts in planning and executing of the event. Job well done!

Go Forth and Conquer,

Don Griffey



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