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November HUPAC Update

By Denny Wright, ISAHU HUPAC Chair

Last Month in this on-going series of articles we discussed the difference between HUPAC and ISAHUPAC plus the importance of contributing to both our national and state political action committees. This month I have included a summery showing the election results and scorecard of what your HUPAC contributions have accomplished over this past election cycle that just concluded with the recent mid-term election earlier this month. Nationally, HUPAC funded 209 candidates running for election to the U.S. Congress and 184 of those candidates won for an 88% win rate, which is a phenomenal success rate for any Washington beltway political action committee. In addition, as of the date this article was written, there were 9 races (6 in the House and 3 in the Senate) still too close to call that when those races become official will increase the HUPAC win rate even more.

In addition to the national scorecard, I have included a breakout of these statistics just for the states in Region 3 and for those states in our region, HUPAC funded 39 Congressional candidates and 37 won their races for a win rate of 95%! I take pride in that success as the HUPAC budget for this election cycle was crafted in late 2012 and early 2013 when I was the Region 3 Chair on the HUPAC Board of Trustees. Back during that time period I put a lot of effort in working with the NAHU staff in Washington and the HUPAC BOT to develop the budget for this past election cycle. Work will begin almost immediately to create a new HUPAC budget for this next election cycle that started the day after this past mid-term election and historically, this new budget will be formulated and probably voted upon by the HUPAC BOT sometime in early 2016. The HUPAC budget for each election cycle is a working document and is constantly being reviewed and revised by the HUPAC BOT. For example, as candidates approved for funding retire, die in office, or otherwise decide for whatever reason to not run for re-election, those funds are then reallocated to other candidates by the HUPAC BOT. The HUPAC budget is also a predicated upon projected funding HUPAC receives as contributions from NAHU members roll in, so that is why it is very important for all NAHU members to support HUPAC. On behalf of HUPAC, I thank all of the ISAHU members that contributed this past election cycle and I encourage all of you to continue to support HUPAC as our political system is an on-going process that requires candidates to be elected that understand and support our industry.

View HUPAC’s 2014 Midterm Scorecard [PDF]

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