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Who do you now who isn’t a NAHU member?

By Bill Robinson, Membership Chair

If you are reading this article, you’re probably a current member of NAHU; if that’s the case, THANK YOU! By being a member, you have made a huge difference in our association and, consequently, in our profession, not to mention the well being of your clients. NAHU is THE professional association for insurance agents, and I believe that anyone who is a dues-paying member of their professional association happens to be in the cream of the crop! So, take a moment and congratulate yourself for a job well done!

Okay, now that you’re feeling pretty good about being a member, why not take the next step and make a list of all the people you know who are in our business but not in our association? I think each of you would be amazed if you actually took a few minutes and made such a “hit list!” So, here’s a question for you – once you make this list, would you actually be willing to contact those people and ask them to consider joining NAHU?

After all, if they’re in our business, they really SHOULD BE A MEMBER! As the ISAHU Membership Chair, my responsibility is to try and grow our membership, and I want to do just that. However, the very best way for our membership to grow is for each current member to reach out to everyone they know who should be a member but, for whatever reason, simply haven’t joined. As our profession continues to evolve and grow more complex each year, there is no good excuse for anyone in the insurance business not to be in this association, and I believe it’s time for a little peer pressure – from YOU!

Won’t you please give this some thought and see if you can help us become even bigger and better in the near future? If you know someone who should be a member but for some reason you’re uncomfortable contacting them, please call me at 317-695-5683. I’ll be happy to give them a call and give you credit for recruiting them if they join. By the way, speaking of getting credit for recruiting, there is a great new Membership Contest running through April 30, 2015. Who knows, you might just win a nice prize for doing the right thing and bringing a few new faces to our organization. For details on the contest, please see the flier which is included in this newsletter or talk to your local Membership Chair.

Again, thank you for being a member. Now go get those non-members!

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Indiana State Association of Health Underwriters