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President’s Update

Indiana Health Insurance Agent and President of the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU), Patricia Griffey has been named to the Insurance Business America Magazine’s Insurance Hall of Fame. While the term ‘hall of fame’ usually brings to mind sports stars, Insurance Business America is bringing the coveted recognition to the insurance industry. Inductees are industry leaders, pioneers and role models who have set the benchmark for the rest of the industry to follow. These Hall of Famers – all of whom boast at least 35 years of insurance experience – are at the forefront of the industry, inspiring those around them with their wealth of knowledge and accomplishments, and consistently proving themselves to be the best the American insurance industry has to offer. ISAHU’s own Pat Griffey is one of 3 women of the 20 inductees into the 2019 class that includes Warren Buffet of Berkshire Hathaway and other notable national leaders in the insurance industry. On behalf of the entire ISAHU membership we say Congratulations!

Please be sure and register for NAHU’s Capitol Conference before the early bird deadline of December 4th. For those members attending from ISAHU the State Dinner will be on Monday night February 24th at a location and time to be determined. Please coordinate your registration with your local Chapter President so they know you are attending. ISAHU did not grant any scholarships for first time attendees to Cap Con as the ISAHU Board of Directors did not receive any applications by the deadline.

NAHU recently conducted a membership drive named “Just ask one” – I would like all ISAHU members to conduct our own membership drive. If you are an agent member please send all of your vendor representatives a link or pdf of an ISAHU membership application. If you are a vendor member calling on ISAHU agent members of course you should support your agents by being a member but you should go one step further and send the link or a pdf of the ISAHU membership application to all your fellow Hoosier corporate associates that are not yet ISAHU members. I have provided a link to our membership application to make this as easy as possible in this busiest of times:


I have another recently famous appropriate quote for this month. The 2019 World Series ended with the Washington Nationals (Nats) winning their franchise’s first ever World Series title. The Nats slogan this season was “Finish the Fight”. The Nats won 5 elimination playoff games while coming from behind in every game setting a Major League Baseball record. Often times it feels like NAHU is behind and in danger of being eliminated when it comes to winning political battles in Washington DC against legislators that want to put our members out of business and convert our industry into a federal owned and managed single payer system. If we can grow ISAHU membership and consequently NAHU’s membership there is no reason why we can’t “Finish the Fight” and ultimately win the battle to preserve the private health insurance industry. Best wishes to all for a successful open enrollment period and a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


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Indiana State Association of Health Underwriters

Indiana State Association of Health Underwriters