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Q&A with Craig Petersen, PHP’s VP of Sales

Craig Petersen

Craig Petersen

Q: Who is PHP?
A: PHP is a not-for-profit, physician-sponsored organization headquartered in Fort Wayne. We are licensed in 40 counties in Northern Indiana, and have about 55,000 members. PHP offers a variety of coverage options for individuals, families, and businesses. We play an active civic role in our communities through our charitable giving, volunteer commitments, and sponsorship of health, wellness and community-related activities.

Q: What activities has PHP been focused on the past few months?
A: Extensive time has been spent preparing our rate filings for Individual and Group products. Ultimately, we believe we are able to offer a solid, fairly competi- tive product in the counties we serve. We also spent some time streamlining and polishing existing processes, specifically those impacted by the Marketplace. We are currently revising marketing materials for our 2015 plans, and will be distributing that to our Broker Network in the near future.

We also completed and passed a URAC accreditation review in August for the Marketplace certification.

Q: What types of options will Individual Product consumers have with PHP in 2015?
A: Just as in 2014, we will have Individual Products both on the Marketplace as well as off-Marketplace. All of our plans and rates have been filed and approved, and offer consumers a variety of benefit plan designs to meet different coverage needs. There are traditional

copay plans, as well as high- deductible plan designs with several levels of deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums. Our plans are competitively priced and backed with the high level of customer service that PHP is known for. We recognize that many of our new members, particularly through the Marketplace, have had little to no prior experience with health insurance and our customer service representatives take a personal approach to helping each and every member understand and make the most of their coverage.

Q: Is PHP a participant in the 2015 small group SHOP Marketplace?
A: No, we are not participating in SHOP in 2015. However, we still offer a broad range of products for small groups off-Marketplace. Group product options include HMO, Point-of-Service, and high-deductible plan designs.

Q: What other product lines does PHP offer?
A: In addition to our group and individual medical products, we also offer dental, life, disability, flexible spending accounts, and health reimbursement arrangements to employer groups in our 40-county, Northern Indiana service area. Through our subsidiary PHP Management Systems, we also offer adminis- trative services for self-funded health plans. We are currently developing a self-funded product targeted at groups with less than 50 employees.


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