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Social Media: 5 things you can expect changes for in 2015

By Kristen Kaweck

Platforms which consumers use social media is a never ending title wave. The growth of social media is brisk and is accelerating each day. This new epidemic is leaving companies who have not capitalized on the free tools offered by social media in the dust. Entrepreneurs who are unable to embrace the frequently changing social media marketing world are more likely to fail than those who do. At this point, it isn’t so much as jumping on the band wagon as it is survival. In the interest of those who are looking to get ahead of the curve while they still can, these are a couple things you can expect changes for in 2015.

Social media and e-commerce merge

Twitter and Facebook are so positively eager to be the front runners on everything they do; checking up on their recent business changes is a great way to stay current, and even ahead, in business. Both Twitter and Facebook has been beta-testing “buy” buttons, which appear alongside tweets and posts and allow users to make purchases with just a click or two.

Increase in social media privacy issues

There has been a surge in social media platforms that allow for anonymity such as Snapchat. Not everyone wishes to post their day to day activities over their public sites. The fact is, many of these sites do not fulfill their privacy mandates. The sensitivity on the subject is growing, and remaining unanimous for users will grow even more in popularity in 2015.

Virtual wallets

“Peer-to-peer” payments are rapidly becoming the normal way to exchange money. There are currently new payment models that only require a debit card to send money free of charge. This offers an alternative to traditional credit cards, as well as ease of payment.

Networks come and go

Creating a social network and keeping it around is not easy in today’s market. Many new social networks come and go based on the current market, current generational wants and needs, and new business strategies. Networks will continue to change in 2015.

Smart phones will get smarter

There has been a boom in smart devices such as fitness bracelets, home appliances, thermostats, bathroom scales, and even refrigerators. 2015 will be the year where companies will learn to integrate household and daily used items in a way that will help us throughout our daily lives, and not just allow us a reason to post on our social sites.


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