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South Central’s Larry Mayfield talks ISAHU PAC

What about ISAHU-PAC?

I guess as a professional insurance agent I have always seen the value in being a “joiner” and trying to advance the cause of this most noble business that I have chosen to pursue. If you are reading this article, you tend to agree with me, as you are a member of NAHU and ISAHU, thus doing “some” of your part to keep our cause going forward!

However, just being a “member” as much as it is needed and appreciated, is only part of what your commitment should be to our industry. Having made this statement, I am sure that a lot of you already contribute to HUPAC, our national PAC, but have you ever thought about being part of the ISAHU-PAC?  Since you and I live in Indiana and derive our income from this wonderful state, should we not also help State candidates and legislators that support what we do within the free market system and private sector health insurance industry? A “wise” friend of mine that is always talking “about membership” in our great association, is always breaking down the cost of this down to a daily basis…so here goes…it would only cost you about .33 cents per day to contribute to the ISAHU-PAC! Good Lord, our Jessie James easy chairs at home have more than that lurking in the cushion and underneath along with the popcorn hulls!!

Under the leadership of Roger Skinner, and ISAHU-PAC “champions” as representatives in most Indiana chapters, we have done a pretty good job of spreading the news and increasing our PAC members and contributions. However, we need YOU to join us in this effort! This is the best way for us to support and have an impact with our Indiana State legislators.

In closing, THANK you to those who already have joined us, and to the rest of my professional insurance associates, would you please think about contributing .33 cents per day or more to such a worthy cause?

Larry Mayfield. ISAHU-PAC Chair
South Central AHU

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