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About a month ago from ISAHU's Twitter via CoSchedule

“State of the Union…and Health Policy” Webinar Access

Any chapter interested in offering NAHU’s February 7th’s Webinar presented by Marcy Buckner
as a recorded webinar (in a formal group setting), and wants their attendees to receive 1
Indiana CE insurance credit, please read and fulfill the requirements below:

1) Each chapter is responsible for assigning a moderator and collecting the attendance
forms (Sign-In and Sign-Out Sheets). Jessica Clayton, ISAHU Professional
Development Chair, will create and e-mail them to each Chapter’s Moderator. She will
also file the Webinar Course Application and Certificates of Completion.

2) At least 1 week PRIOR to the event, each chapter must provide Jessica Clayton
(jclayton@platinumbcg.com) with:

i. their assigned Room Moderator’s Contact information;
ii. the webinar meeting location including name of the venue and complete address.
iii. the date and start time of the webinar (if using the recorded version)

3) AFTER the webinar, within 3 business days, the moderator is required to either fax the
Sign-in & Sign-Out completed forms to Jessica at 1-888-244-5315 or scan and e-mail
them to jclayton@platinumbcg.com . In addition, the originals need to be mailed to
Jessica Clayton, Platinum Benefit Consulting Group, 110 W Berry St Ste 1600 Fort
Wayne, IN 46802

If you want to use a recorded version of the program at your chapter meeting. The recordings are
typically posted to the webcasts page by the afternoon of the webinar’s live broadcast, but no
later than the following day. Go to:

Lastly, each chapter will be responsible to pay the CE Certificates filing fees of $4 per agent. If
you have agents who have already fulfilled their CE Requirements for their renewal period,
please ask them not to complete the Sign-In -Forms, in order to save your chapter on
unnecessary fee expenses.

If you have any questions, please contact Jessica Clayton at jclayton@platinumbcg.com

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Indiana State Association of Health Underwriters

Indiana State Association of Health Underwriters