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Supporting Your Industry’s Political Action Committee – David Skinner’s Take on ISAHU-PAC

There are as many viewpoints about politics as there are people.  Some pay close attention and follow multiple news outlets; others are more passive and disengaged.  Many steadfastly and strongly support their preferred party whether financially, through volunteer time or by simply having debates at the water cooler or dinner table.  There is no doubting that the discourse has taken a disturbingly nasty turn in recent years and it probably has soured many, including myself to the entire process and makes us wonder why we would take our time and treasure to support those we consider to be nothing more than untruthful, power hungry narcissists.  That certainly shouldn’t be a global description of all politicians, but many would subscribe that it covers a good portion.  We all know the old joke about the origin of the word “Poli-tics”.

If you feel as I do, you probably find yourself conflicted about contributing a dollar of your hard-earned money to a politician at any level whether it be directly or through a Political Action Committee.  Eventually you make your own determination to do so, perhaps because you believe in that person’s ability to support issues that matter to you, either personally or professionally.

I am currently celebrating my 20th year in the insurance industry and have served in varying capacities in organizations that support our industry and the brokers/agents/consultants that make their living from it.  For a long period, I felt that giving of my “time” was good enough and that I wasn’t going to contribute my “treasure” to politicians I didn’t trust or respect.  I’ve always understood that politics is driven by money and that money buys access and influence.  It sometimes feels gross, but that‘s how the game is played and our industry is so heavily regulated that we need to be able to have the access to gain the influence to make sure our future and the best interests of our clients are protected.

ISAHU-PAC (Indiana’s State Political Action Committee) provides the avenue for which members (and non-members) can contribute to an organization that very carefully analyzes and builds relationships with those figures that we hope to build influence with and support the platforms that are important to our industry and our clients as it relates to benefits.

If the future protection of your role as an agent or if you work for a vendor, the agents you recruit to sell your products are important to you, please consider supporting the organization that is working hard to make sure that our voices are heard locally.  At least you will know that the money you contribute will be thoughtfully allocated for the access and influence that will help protect what matters to you.  To learn more about ISAHU-PAC and/or to contribute directly, please visit the ISAHU-PAC website.


David Skinner


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