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Technology Can Help with Customer Service

By Kristen Kaweck, Marketing Chair

More and more businesses and business people are using social media and technology to gather leads, analytics, and data. Some business people aren’t really sure why you should use social media or technology for their business, and the answer is customer service. Customer Service is greatly overlooked when company’s first starts out with their new technology strategy. They forget what/who they are fighting for; which is ultimately their client!

There is no denying the fact that good customer service can go a long way and can make or break a company big or small. Technology can help you enhance the quality of customer service you are delivering. It is important to understand how technology can help you anticipate customer needs; critique processes to best serve customers, and of course improve efficiency. When technology is used to help customer service, it can drive costs down while increases business simultaneously. Let’s look at some of the ways technology can help you and your business.

The Platforms


Websites are great because it allows the customer to search and find the answers to their own questions. This saves time precious time for your company’s phone lines. It is also a great way for customers to seek answers from others and communicate about your product. It is also a great platform for an individual to be able to buy a product.


Customer service can be improved by utilizing email and many ways. For example, I use automated emails to send out a welcome pack to new health insurance agents that have recently become appointed with us. This email is sent out automatically two weeks after their appointment. The email contains resources, documents, and help tools to make it easier for the agent to get started selling our products. Email can be used in many ways.


Technology can allow you to unify communications. This would allow you to know that a customer sent a voicemail and email the same day with the same request. This prevents the company reaching out to the customer twice and ultimately wasting precious time.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is crucial for technology to improve customer service. Software allows you to manage customer relations with more sophisticated data-gathering tools. It provides all of the necessary tools to help with the three platforms listed above.

The reason why technology gives businesses an edge on customer service is because they have a better understanding of their market. They know what their customers want, and when they want it. Generating loyalty comes easy when you are offering quality products and services in a responsive manner. If you want to start using technology to enhance customer service, the first things you need to focus on are:

  • Use a CRM tool
  • Collect insights on your target market
  • Streamline you marketing automation campaigns
  • Make your company accessible (social media, email, websites, etc)
  • Encourage your staff to embrace change

It’s not too late to begin implementing technology to improve customer service to better serve your business goals.

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