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About a month ago from ISAHU's Twitter via CoSchedule

Thank you to these 2020 ISAHU-PAC contributors

Thank you members for your continued contributions to your state political action committee – ISAHU PAC!

So far in 2020 the PAC has received the following contributions:

  • 8 Individuals with one time contributions totaling $1,570
  • 2 Chapters contributing $1,530
  • 28 Individuals with monthly contributions totaling $3,742
  • Total contributions YTD of $6,842

The PAC has contributed $7,250 to 15 different state Senate and Representative candidates and 2 combined party committees.  

Here are the 2020 contributors.   If you aren’t on the list please consider contributing to ISAHU PAC.   

South Central

  • Bridget Redmon
  • Jason Naville
  • Charlie Mayberry
  • Andrea Bogard
  • Tamara Giles
  • Larry Mayfield
  • Nancy Swank
  • Ky Yarlin
  • R. Holdeman
  • Jessica Croquart
  • SCIAHU Chapter

Greater Northern

  • Don Griffey
  • Pat Griffey
  • Brian Leichty

Southwestern Indiana

  • Tom Gant
  • Carolyn Beck
  • Roger Garrett
  • Ken Stevens
  • Kevin Moore

Greater Bloomington

  • Doug Skinner
  • Brian Beall
  • Jeff Grossnickle

Northeastern Indiana

  • Denny Wright
  • Cindy Trahin
  • Rita Musser


  • Bill Stafford
  • Nicole Fairbairn
  • J. Chesterfield
  • D. Hall
  • Roger Skinner
  • David Skinner
  • T. McLaughlin
  • Susan Rider
  • Dan O’Brien
  • Jennifer Mitchen
  • David Berman

Online contributions can be made at https://isahu.org/isahu-pac/ or contact your chapter PAC rep for more information.  

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