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About a month ago from ISAHU's Twitter via CoSchedule

Tom Gant: Why I contribute to ISAHU-PAC

I was brought into the insurance industry in May 1985. Elliott Sabel taught me what being a professional in this industry looked like. He also taught me to support the professional organizations within my chosen industry. For years I have supported HUPAC knowing that they would lobby on my behalf at the National level.  Since 1985 most changes that impacted me and my clients came out of Washington DC.

Fast forward to 2013. Washington created what we know as the Affordable Care Act, but they seem unwilling or unable to either replace or fix what they created. Over the last couple of years as my involvement in NAHU has matured I became aware of a well-kept secret known as the ISAHU PAC. As long as the changes, problems, and fixes were coming from Washington, ISAHU PAC had taken a back seat. That is no longer the case. Within the last couple of years, as Washington’s has shown a lack of ability to address the ACA on a National basis, it has become more evident that our State legislators may be our best hope.

With the passing of Section 1332 in the Indiana Legislature, there is now an avenue to affect change on the State level. It is up to us to educate our legislators and provide the ideas and valuable resources they need. Although HUPAC remains vital to our industry, ISAHU PAC can no longer be taken for granted.

As insurance professionals we need to now contribute to both. The problems are many and solutions aren’t easy, but having access to the decision makers in the State House in necessary. Our voice needs the respect in Indiana that it has in Washington DC. If you are already contributing to ISAHU PAC, thank you.

If you are not, or wasn’t even aware of the State PAC, please contribute. Our future depends on it.

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Indiana State Association of Health Underwriters