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About a month ago from ISAHU's Twitter via CoSchedule

Why are you here?

Over my span of time in the health insurance industry I have heard this type of question asked to a room full of industry professionals:

How many of you grew up with the dream of getting into the health insurance industry?

When asked this type of question there is seldom more than a few hands that are raised. In some cases, none at all.

So, if you didn’t intentionally choose a career in the health insurance industry, why are you still here?

My guess is you are still here because of one or more of the following:

  1. Rewards that come with being in the industry.
  2. Potential for great income.
  3. Work/life balance.
  4. Make a positive difference in the lives of people.

Everything that has kept you in an industry you never intended to enter is under attack. When attacked, we either choose to fight or retreat. With so much on the line, too many in the health insurance industry today merely gripe and complain or cower in a corner somewhere.

Whether or not you choose to be involved in the future of the health insurance industry is a decision only you can make. Choosing to not be involved is a lot like deciding not to vote. Someone that decides not to vote really shouldn’t complain about the way things are. This is also true in the decision to take an active role in protecting your future of the health insurance industry.

Protecting your role in the health insurance industry is not that hard. If you’re not a member, it starts with visiting https://isahu.org/become-a-member/.  If you, remember to keep your details and billing info up to date with NAHU. If you have any questions or would like more information about NAHU you may email membership@isahu.org or call 574-293-1265.

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