Medicare for All means one-size-fits-all plans, including an average tax increase per household of $24,000 a year.

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The Indiana State Association of Health Underwriters and ISAHU-PAC contribute to each state and federal session, campaigns, and legislative efforts. These efforts result in savings for Hoosier consumers, better policies for agents, and more.

Questions? Ask Susan Rider
Questions? Ask Susan Rider

Susan Rider is ISAHU’s go-to legislative affairs expert. Active at local legislative events around Indiana, she has a wealth of knowledge about past and present legislation.

Recent legislative efforts and updates

In 40 years, Jim Santo never had to deal with a long-term care claim. Then his wife got sick.
Rounds of calls, paperwork issues for weeks, and a frustrating litany of obscure issues. Agent Jim Santo found himself on the other end …
ISAHU September Legislative Update
ISAHU and ISAHU-PAC have created a budget for contributions to state legislators and candidates running for election or re-election. The group decided that …
Donna Schaibley sends letter of thanks to ISAHU-PAC
On August 26, State Representative Donny Schaibley (R-District 24), sent a thank you letter to ISAHU-PAC for their donation. In addition, Rep. Schaibley …

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Indiana State Association of Health Underwriters

Indiana State Association of Health Underwriters