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Strategic Planning

2018-2019 ISAHU Strategic Plan Meeting Minutes

Attending:  Don Griffey, Pat Griffey, Jeff Goodwin, Carolyn Beck, Rita Musser, Denny Wright, Roger Skinner, Doug Skinner, Jennifer Mitchen, Justin Harter, Charles Mayfield.  Amber Frey is on phone.

Pat Griffey presented regarding NAHU dues increase:

  • She has been on the treasury committee since 2013
  • Jeff G reported that we are very sound financially (he has been in association business for 30 years)
  • National board is a government board, not management. Janet’s job is to manage staff.  Unlike local board members who are government & management.
  • As of last fall, the board decided they have to have an agency dues structure. Pat is the chair of the task force – “Agency Dues Task Force”.  Asked David Smith, Jim Stenger & Mike Embry to sit on task force w/ her.  Going to use a few large agencies nationally as a beta test.  The committee working on pricing so it won’t hurt us in the long run.  She envisions 2 levels of members.
  • Jeff asked if we would have to change bylaws, pat said yes. Jeff also indicated that IMA has different levels of members.
  • Creating a focus group for affinity programs. We have to be very careful because of the tax code reform.  (UBIT)
  • Why do we still do a print magazine? Majority of our sponsorship dollars come from that.
  • Have 2 outside consultants, 2 biggest costs 1) Lobbyists (research & lobby firm) in DC 2) Jessica Waltman, leg chair (writes all of our position papers, pay her retainer), NAHU newswire costs money now too.
  • There was some discussion regarding supporting or not supporting Donnelly
  • Denny doesn’t care who he ticks off “he thinks when Kevin Corcoran left and Janet took over, he thinks we need to but not a professional business manager.

2018-2019 ISAHU Strategic Plan

Who We Are:

The Indiana State Association of Health Underwriters (ISAHU) represents over 470 licensed health insurance agents, brokers, consultants, and benefit professionals doing business in Indiana.  In addition to the State Chapter, there are seven local chapters located within the state.  NAHU members provide valuable services to both business and individual consumers by providing access to the health, disability, long-term care and Medicare programs and other related services they need to protect them against the financial risks associated with not being covered for these risks.  Because our members practice in a complicated field that requires a significant amount of expertise, they benefit from participation in a professional association that will allow them to increase their knowledge and exposure to information and services in important areas.  They additionally benefit from efforts made on their behalf to preserve the industry in which they practice and the related services their clients receive as a result of it.

Our Mission

ISAHU will improve its members’ ability to meet the health, financial and retirement security needs of all Americans through education, advocacy and professional development.

Our Vision

Every American will have access to private sector solutions for health, financial and retirement security and the services of insurance professionals.

Strategic Goals and Objectives

Goal #1:     To provide benefits to our valued members:

  • Communicate the “value of membership” to both our current & future members
  • Annual State Convention offering speakers and CE courses on up-to-the minute topics
  • Networking opportunities at State & Local Chapter events
  • New Formatted Monthly newsletters – including articles on current issues & events from:
    • Local chapter presidents
    • State president
    • Professional Development chair
    • HUPAC chair
    • ISAHU-PAC chair
    • Legislative chair
    • Membership & Retention chairs
  • Look for non-dues ways to increase financial resources to provide services to our members:
  • Develop an affinity program P&P and then solicit interested vendors to provide affinity programs to generate revenue for ISAHU
  • Sponsorship opportunities at the State Convention, Medicare Summit, Carol Cutter Memorial Golf Outing & Day on the Hill events
  • Continue the ISAHU Corporate Sponsorship Program


Goal #2:     To increase Legislative Activities:    

  • Contract for lobbying services to keep ISAHU up-to-date on pertinent legislative issues
  • Provide opportunities for ISAHU members to interact with our state & Federal legislators
    • Day on the Hill event
    • Speakers at meetings
    • Fundraising events
    • Capitol Conference
  • Legislative bulletins via email as events occur in the Indiana Legislature
  • Legislative reports in monthly newsletters and on the ISAHU website
  • Monitor the use of ISAHU-PAC & HUPAC contributions in Indiana
  • Campaign to increase contributions to ISAHU-PAC & HUPAC
  • Participate in grassroots efforts
  • Involvement in state and local political campaigns


Goal #3:     To recognize the achievements of our members & chapters.

  • Qualify for the NAHU Chapter Certification each year
  • Encourage all local chapters to qualify for the NAHU Chapter Certification
  • Submit an application for the Landmark Award for ISAHU each year
  • Submit an application for the Presidential Citation Award for ISAHU each year
  • Assist local chapter Awards Chairs in submitting Pacesetter Awards
  • Nominate at least two Indiana members each year for a Distinguished Service Award Nominees for the 2017 Award year are: Carolyn Beck


Goal #4:     To become known as knowledgeable leaders in our industry.

  • Active involvement with the Indiana Department of Insurance
  • Build partnerships and coalitions with outside organizations in order to better promote our vision.
    • Strategic Partners Initiative
    • Participate in events hosted by other agent groups such as IAFIA, the Big I, etc.
  • Provide opportunities to share our knowledge of the insurance industry
    • Speakers to make presentations to groups in and out of the insurance industry
    • Provide quality CE opportunities for members and non-members


Goal #5:   To develop a Strategic Membership Plan

  • Develop a “master database” of prospective members from non-member individuals who have attended local and state chapter events within the last two years and former members who have lapsed their membership within the past 5 years.
  • Develop a professional drip marketing campaign to identified prospective members on the master data base to recruit them to become NAHU members.
  • Continually monitor and update master database for accuracy of contact information and add update with additional prospective members as they become known.
  • Continually monitor marketing efforts to prospective members for effectiveness and update as needed.


Goal #6:  Newly formed Governance Committee that will review existing ISAHU Bylaws and Policy and Procedures. The Governance Committee upon reviewing these documents will make suggested changes to update these documents and assure they are still relevant to the goals and objectives of the association. 

Indiana State Association of Health Underwriters

Indiana State Association of Health Underwriters