This morning at an @indy Chamber Pancakes and Politics event, our own D. Hall spent some after-session time with @state Senator Greg Taylor (D - Indianapolis). Opioids, drug policy, and other workforce-readiness and workforce health issues are a priority this session.

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Strategic Planning

Through two strategic planning meetings between the Board of Directors and Rayborn Group International, ISAHU has developed a tactical plan to outline targeted areas of growth for the coming months.

Older Strategic Planning Minutes

See the 2015 Strategic Plan Meeting Minutes

ISAHU Board of Directors Meeting
2015 ISAHU Strategic Planning Meeting
July 10, 2015 @ 9:00am
Morgantown, Indiana

Call to Order 10:37am by Dave Berman

Present:  Dave Berman, Doug Skinner, Dwight Hall, Nicole Fairbairn, Kathy Goffer, Jennifer Revell, Cindy Trahin,  Bill Robinson, Roger Skinner, Norm Springer, Susan Rider, Jason Neville, Ruste Pontenberg, Pat Griffey, Tina Hazelip, Carolyn Beck, Shawn Gibbons, Bill Cummings, Larry Mayfield

Not Present:  Mike Ripley, Rita Musser

Pat Griffey will be running for NAHU Secretary in 2016 in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Pat Griffey: A State Board is required by the National Association. Any local chapter bylaw changes have to be approved by the State Board, then the Regional Board and lastly the National Board.

David Berman: The State Board’s role is to support the 7 local chapters.  My goal and objective is to determine what goals we can support for our local chapters. At National Convention,  the Region 3 Presidents all had to go through Diversity Training.

At the Convention, the speaker, Simon Sinek, talked about the “why” we are in business. In the middle of the circle is the “why”, the next ring is the “how” and the outer rim is the “what”. Why is each member involved in the state association?

Bill Robinson: He still wants to make a little difference.   He believes in the association because it has helped him in his business and career. He wants others to know about the association. What can the state do to help local chapters?  He believes he can assist the local membership chairs get the message out .  He is putting together a recruiting team of business partners going around to recruit.

Dwight Hall:  He has been on the Board since 1993 because of the people and the legislative involvement. He is going to concentrate on PAC for Indy. He wants to assist and make a little difference before he rides his horse into the sunset.

Norm Springer: It helped him with his career. Why is he here today? Being a Veteran and the loss of freedoms, it is difficult for him to not do anything. He thinks about the future of his children and grandchildren and healthcare. The Obama Care is pushing us into a socialist society.

Carolyn Beck: It helps her be a stronger professional better educated and informed. It gives her the opportunity to make an impact. I think we got away from being inclusive with the local chapters ideas and suggestions. We have become more solo. We need to get the local chapters to be more included. Also, the trend from the bottom up is needed and not the top down. We need to foster new leaders and engagement. We need to find new leadership is key to our growth and survival. She wanted to thank Norm Springer for welcoming her to the state board, when no one else did.

Roger Skinner: He agrees with everything everyone said especially in regards to Norm’s freedom concern. This is the only association we can participate in the promotion of our careers and networking. The State Board should provide communication and support to the local levels. Communication needs to be improved down.

Shawn Gibbons: He has not been able to be involved recently. He got involved because it helped him lean other aspects of the business and get involved. He is a firm believer in Free Market system.

Nicole: Being self-employed , she trusts the information she is given by national for the legislative issues. She has peers that she loves and trusts and leans on when there is trouble or questions. We need to figure out a way to explain to non-members our passion for this association. What are the pieces we need to communicate.

Susan:  She would not have never been able to have her current position with Gregory and Appel without the support of the Health Underwriters members. She was asked to engage with members who are nearing retirement. Networking and professional growth. David and Nicole and other members have been part of her professional family.

Pat Griffey: Go to to look at Simon Sinek presentation “Start with Why”. For me personally,  it is the professional help I have received. It is the comradery. Everyone’s ” why” is different and we have to recognize that. Some join due to technology, others looking for the greatest in the industry, and we need to find out what people’s “why” is. It is different. Look at the NAHU websites: “History” and glance through it. The Medicare and Social Security roll out. Dues were only $2.00. Also go to “B2B” and find out how many members are using this or “Compliance Corner”.  I skim “B2B” and find answers to industry questions. Members don’t realize the resources and value of membership.

Ruste: His career got him involved. He was a member for less than a month and went to Cap Con.  The first he meets “D” Hall and at least 5 other Board members.  He had a wonderful time and met many other people . He does not like where this country is going. He believes he earned his living and he feels other s need to as well.  He wants to get more involved. He is not really sure what the State Chapter does.

  • Susan suggested that we bring a representative to the local chapters and bring a CE presentation to the local chapters
  • We would like to have a state board meeting prior to a local membership meeting. Be there and be supportive of the local and then speak to what the state board does
  • The State exists in order for the legislative committee to communicate down to the locals what is happening

Tina: Ability to share what another chapter is doing in the membership arena. Template for the membership has been created

Cindy: Network and people to go to for resources. Some people just haven’t been asked to participate. We need to make sure we have a calendar of events to not overbook.

Bill (which Bill?):   Number of health agents getting involved is concerning. Continuing Education opportunities

Pat: Capital Conference will be February 22-24, 2016. There will be a Regional meeting 27-28th of July. The room block has expired but they will honor the rate. Register as soon as possible.

David Berman: Feedback on voting at the National Convention is that the members aren’t important. The last couple of years haven’t been very impressive especially because of planning.

Jason Naville: We are stronger together and we can support one another. There is a sense of pride to be affiliated with a national association.


Personal and Professional development

Protection of free market




Career Diversity






What can we do to assist the local chapters?

~What does ISAHU do?

~How much does it cost? At 500 members, the state dues are $90 that generates $45K of income

We provide:

  • Lobbyist: 15K base plus 2500 tacked on for special projects. Shawn Gibbons introduced us to Bose
  • Stakeholder: ISAHU Pac Administrator $1400 plus possible admin fees if a campaign is run.
  • Website: ($4K initial build/cleanup)/$2400 per year. Allows locals to get their own page for $800. Fort Wayne and SB are looking at having a local site built
  • Editor: $480
  • Insurance Package: Cost is split 8 ways/(less than) $400 each
  • $45K in revenue we have $21K
  • CE Filings (that can be used by local chapters)
  • Scholarships (costs don’t come from the dues – but from profits of the Cutter Golf Outing)
  • Legislative event
  • State Convention
  • Leadership Training and membership
  • Social Media
  • Group e-mails and notifications
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Valuable
  • Investment

What other items the state could do to support the locals:

The state would purchase a foursome at each local golf outing. NW does not have a golf outing so we will get the average and we will pay them that amount. This will begin and continue through the fiscal year.

National Convention:

Each local chapter has 3 delegates, except state chapters are eligible for more based on membership size.  Indiana gets 6.  If the state has all of their positions filled, then past state presidents can fill in as a delegate for another chapter.

Today we get 32 or 33 delegates in Indiana

**If someone is a vendor they will not show up as an attendee so make sure if you know who is a attending from companies.

The locals need to coordinate with David so everyone who attends the convention will be able to vote.

The Executive Committee will determine if we can fund scholarship dollars down to the locals. Maybe just the registration fee will be reimbursed.

  1. Membership: Bill Robinson

>Plan is to get each local chair to engage in the state membership calls

>It is not an optional call, but it is a requirement.

>10 people outside the boards (company reps) to promote membership to agents across the state.

>Greater Northern has proposed the following for their Medicare Summit. Join the day of the meeting and after 13 months, the local dues will be refunded by GNIAHU and they would like 50% of the state dues refunded.

>Roll it into a membership campaign which we need for points anyway

>NAIFA is giving free membership for anyone in the industry less than 3 years

>Make sure that guests are introduced. Carolyn suggested that it was part of the leadership training. Kathy Goffer places a rolling message on the screen at their local meetings. They announce what is going on with NAHU. There is a section for “Missing In Action” members which highlights individuals that haven’t been to a meeting in some time.


There was a motion to approve the document on the table from GNIAHU Membership Discount Program (Appendix 1). This would be for first time members.

Motion to approve with correction that we reimburse: 100% Bill Robinson

Motion seconded: Nicole Fairbairn

Motion approved


Retention: Goal is 85%. If the local chapters would work the reports it is easy. We are upper 70s.

There are approximately 200 agents licensed in the state of Indiana so we have a great pool of potential agents to recruit from. We should use the DOI list and then we could assign someone to that person to make them feel welcome.

Carolyn suggested that this become committee work so it was tabled to Executive Committee work.


SW and NW have not submitted their rosters

The SW chapter does not have a President. They have a full board but not a President.

Carolyn will complete the NIAHU roster now. Dwight will contact Carla Cohen to get the information.

NAHU keeps a national roster and it is posted there

Dave will send the roster and Justin will be responsible for posting to the website.


Some chapters go dark during open enrollment and ISAHU will put together a statewide compliance webinar for the fourth quarter.


Bill will focus on how to streamline CE. Bill is working with Chet Petrous at the DOI to make things to work more streamlined and effective.

The idea is for the State to host CE once a month

–The idea is to forego the DOI process because we are a trusted association and we could approve the course on our own


Chet suggested:

The Association could file four regulations CE and file on a statewide basis

The Association could file ethics CE

The Association could file Ancillary CE

At Friday at 4:00 there is a broadcast of the CE and have a guest speaker.

The chapter could pipe it in to their membership

Charge $5.00 which would cover the Sircon fee

Possibly work with Blackboard

~Possible speakers

Accountant and Tax Regulations

Sales Skills



Uber law

Tax Info


Travel insurance

Chamber of Commerce



Cyber security


We are having a State Convention September 28 -29th. We will more than likely have it at the Crowne Plaza at the airport.

Carol Cutter Golf Outing was rained out. New date is July 31st at 10:00 am. There is room for more foursomes.

We do not have a President Elect.

We need to come up with a calendar for our board members.

2nd Thursday of every month is a DOI

Meeting adjourned at 2:58