Senators Becker and Charbonneau have introduced SB97. It prohibits a state employee health plan, a policy of accident and sickness insurance, or an HMO from modifying an enrollee's coverage of a drug during the plan year.

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Nominate someone or a chapter for a state award

Any ISAHU member can nominate someone, or a chapter in the case of the State Chapter of the Year award, for any of these awards:

State Member of the Year

Any ISAHU member (including past Chapter Members of the Year) can be considered for this award based on the person’s involvement, leadership and dedication to NAHU, ISAHU and their local chapter. Please include a brief description regarding the nominees’ qualifications to aid the Awards Committee in making their decision.

State Legislative Excellence Award

Nominees should be chosen based on an individual’s work on legislative issues. Activities can include (but are not limited to) articles written and/or published on legislative issues, attending meetings and/or working on committees with state and local legislators, promotion of HUPAC and ISAHU PAC to the membership, work on political campaigns, etc.

State Volunteer Committee Member of the Year

This award was created in 2007 to recognize the dedication of an ISAHU member who has dedicated a high level of time and effort to assist the State Board on special project or committee.

State Emerging Leader Award

A new State award to recognize an individual with less than THREE years as a NAHU member and less than THREE years in the insurance industry who has contributed significantly above and beyond what is normally called for in connection with association volunteer service at the local, state or national level. The nominee’s commitment of time, talent and finances to the advancement of the Association and the health insurance industry should be exemplary.

Submission deadlines are June 28.

Download a PDF Nomination Form

Indiana State Association of Health Underwriters

Indiana State Association of Health Underwriters